Politics is a weak point for me. I’m up front with what I think and why almost all the time, which isn’t necessarily the best practice. Politics is an art form and means a lot of things to a lot of people. For all reasons here, politics refers to working with people and forming consent. People who are good with politics find themselves doing well in many situations and it’s something I intend to work on thoroughly.

The reason I don’t consider myself good with politics is that everything seems relatively clear from a business standpoint. We have given objectives (likely to improve the bottom line) and we have to figure out how to achieve those things. We all may not agree on the best ways to go about achieving our objectives. I argue for what I think is best for a company with every decision. The problem is that this blunt style can often rub people the wrong way; it can alienate those that misinterpret your objectives or take your passion to be an attack on themselves or their ideas. Negotiating with people is something we do every day, and getting better at it is something to learn through practice and patience.

For the record, not being good with politics doesn’t mean not being good with people. I love meeting people and speaking with them about what they do. I just don’t like when people won’t tell you what they think or tell you what they think you want to hear. I don’t BS people and I don’t want them to BS me either. That may be part of my problem, that politics seem like an underhanded thing, when in truth, you’re speaking about how you treat people and help one another. I’m going to read up more on it in the future.