If you go over to the down to the Stone Arch Bridge by the Mill City Ruins, Red Bull is hosting an outdoor marketing event. It’s called Illume, and essentially it’s a cross country artistic exhibit of the best action pictures. Mostly alternative sports.

Red Bull pulled out quite a few stops on this. They had a contest for photographers to send in submissions for best pictures of the following submissions:

They even put together a booklet of all the pictures that won (50 pictures total) in a very nice takeaway for the event:

So why go to all this trouble? Why spend so much money on something that isn’t directly proving an ROI? Red Bull is in a pretty good position. They branded the industry they represent. Meaning that Red Bull is synonymous with energy drinks; a large industry in itself now. What are they up to?

This is an attempt to position themselves in the “X” Games sporting area. I don’t have statistics on it, but my hunch is that younger demographics drink a lot of these kinds of beverages. Positioning themselves as such is important for long term sustainability…and that means a lot more than just advertising. It goes much deeper than that; in fact, this is a very shallow explanation.  There is a much bigger goal at stake, becoming part of a movement.  More on this to come. Take a look at some of the pictures: