I’m currently getting back to life as normal after a brief cold spell.  Bad news is that the upcoming week has highs of 44 Fahrenheit!  Ouch.  It’s a shame, but winter looks to come early to MN this year.

I have a routine with getting sick now.  It’s bound to happen twice a year or so, and I’ve gotten pretty good at staving it off quickly.  Basically, my regimen consists of a lot of Theraflu, Vitamin C, Halls Cough Drops and Nyquil substitute, mixed with A LOT of sleep.  It works wonders, usually takes a few days to completely eliminate the illness, but it’s expedient compared with a week or two of agony.

Side note, I just looked up cough drops and theraflu on wikipedia.  Literally ALL the world’s information will soon be located online.  Wow.  Sometimes things happen so gradually, you don’t get a chance to notice.  My Statistics prof, Norm, has a story about raising the water temperature of a beaker with a frog in it.  If you raise the temperature quickly, the frog notices and hops out on his merry way.  That same frog, when warmed degree by degree, will die because it can’t notice the subtletyDesire.  Morbid story to illustrate a common phenomenon of technological change.  Hm.

I’ve drank a lot of tea over the last few days; it seems a lot healthier than coffee.  I really like lemon tea, I’m going to try and drink tea instead of coffee for a while.  I think I’ve done this before, but maybe this time it will take.

Anyway, it had been a bit since I got to writing something, now I sit here with a warm glass of Theraflu listening to Dylan‘s Desire.  Life is good.