In my prior life, I ran the marketing department for a smaller promotional product company (top line 5mm).  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever learn as much about something again in my life.  Any possible aspect of marketing had potential for us, as long as it wasn’t a huge advertising campaign with huge spend, everything under the sun could be examined.  In retrospect, that turned out to be a double edged sword for the company as well as myself.

poindexterSo I spent A LOT of time on trade shows, but also a lot of time investigating direct mail, developing catalogs and brochures, creating a CRM program, building websites and trying to understand SEO.  It was during this time that I got so enamored with the complexity of building a brand and all the tools out there today.

Sometime soon after a year or so of that, I started this website.  Initially, I had Google Analytics running on my domain,, but the actual traffic was running through the WordPress site.  So I was using their data to keep an eye on traffic.  This is suboptimal.  Google Analytics is an unbelievable tool and should allow me to get a much better understanding of any traffic and how to improve.  I’ll start really tracking and customizing reports to understand who is coming (unique visitors, repeats, etc.) as well as where from (search engines, direct traffic, incoming links, etc.)    This is very exciting stuff!  Yes, it’s dorky, but it’s also really fun.

The blog is 95% done.  I have to fix some things for RSS feed and comments, plus a few aesthetic details, but this is basically it!  Welcome and please add my RSS at the top of the page.