Context in learning is important.  There are a great deal of things you can learn from a book and about 10x that in other areas.

Personal learning and progression is one of them.  There is no book telling you how to improve your current skill sets.  No book is written specifically about you.  Only you can understand the areas for improvement and how to go about it.  So it’s important to always be assessing yourself and where you can grow.  Everybody can grow and get better in the long term, but they have to have a strategy.

One area I’m learning to deal with more proactively is uncertainty.  Life is uncertain, as are many aspects of your career.  I’ve always felt that a good work ethic and intelligence can surmount most obstacles over the long haul.Slow_Train_Coming

Today, the future is absolutely wide open in terms of where I’ll go and what I’ll do.  I have some inclinations as to what industries to work in and what my role should entail, but those inclinations may be off.  Prior to Carlson, that level of uncertainty would have stressed me out greatly; today the thought is more exciting than anything, and that’s due to the experience and confidence instilled from school.  It’s funny how things change, sometimes they’re obvious alterations anyone could notice.  Other times, these changes are slow trains coming; quiet zephyrs came and gone, leaving gifts behind without announcement.