I’m going to start detailing small businesses as I find them.  Well the good ones anyway.  I like small businesses, I like the fact that the owners are often in the building selling me their wares.  I like the accountability, hard work and respect that are often found inside.  I want to build a business at some point and looking at what’s good and bad between the lot is fun, plus if you live where I live maybe you can find a new spot.

A few weeks ago I needed to get some flowers as a gift, I looked around and found your typical upscale Uptown digs that are somewhat exorbitant, pretentious and have a sense of entitlement.  Something there is about hipster country that breeds a chippy attitude and high prices.  Yuck.  Anyway, I came across a great little shop on 38th and Grand called Petersen Flowers that was extremely fair in terms of pricing and had a decent selection too!

The owner of the place helped me pick out what I needed and gave me a good deal too.  Looks like I found my florist for the next few years.  It’s funny, I think most people like to find a place they can trust and go back to.  It’s human nature to be habitual, and a friendly disposition, decent service and handshake is normally enough to win my monies over the course of time.  Odd that so many people can’t seem to offer those things consistently.