The last month or so every weekend has been filled up with some sort of travel or activity, which was a blast.  Summers are often like that, it’s difficult to find a weekend when you’re actually home and able to get some things done.

My internship is half way complete, and generally speaking, I feel very good about everything that has been accomplished as of yet.  The majority of data collection and inference necessary for the project has been done, now it’s time to analyze and formulate recommendations and a final presentation.  The next few weeks I don’t have anything set up for going places on the weekend, that’s a huge benefit toward work.  If needed, I can work from home on weekends and develop plans.  Additionally, the fact is that not traveling allows one to get a good night sleep both weekend nights and be bright and bushy tailed for Monday morning.  Although this hasn’t been a huge detriment for me in the last month, being home certainly has you better prepared for the work week.

There is still a lot to do over the next month and a half.  I have a presentation today and multiple meetings the rest of the month with a great deal of people.  It should be a lot of fun, actually.  Then a final presentation and three weeks of vacation prior to school starting up again!  Ten months and I’ll be out and ready for the real world again.