It seems that I’m always thinking or saying that statement lately.  Part of it is my penchant to plan things out in the long term, part of it the time and resource constraints held on you over attending a full time program.  Plans are always going on in my head.  Business plans, life plans, etc.

Working in the real world suits me far more than school.  I enjoy school and learning, but I can do it on my own for most subject matter applicable to my life and career.  It certainly isn’t recognized like a major institution, but realistically anyone with an internet connection, time and drive to do so could disintermediate the traditional educational system.  I’m not necessarily advocating that, I think there is a happy medium where a system can grow and alter as the needs of new generations bloom like flowers to the sun.  So I’m not particularly looking forward to my last two semesters, though I do plan to make the most out of them and work diligently, I’m eager to return to a “normal” life as precocious that may sound, even to my own ears.

Minneapolis makes me think long term.  It’s the kind of city that breathes and I can certainly see living here for a long time.  The idea of buying a house somewhere around South Minneapolis and building things over the long haul sounds really good right now.  What kind of things?  Well there are many.  I’d like to start a business, I’d like to finish a book, I’d like to have a family, I’d like to advance a career, I’d like to have a dog!  All these things seem so far out of reach, at least until I’m done with school.  Other small things are starting to bug me too.  I miss having TV so I could watch the Masters or the History channel.  The normalcy associated with a weekly job is easy to sink back into and the idea of having all hours taken up with school, the enterprise and a part time job is not exactly making me jump for joy.  But I did sign up for it and I’ll go on ahead and take my medicine (sidenote, I’m trying to catch up on blogging, but won’t have time for a proper write up on “The Shining” which I finished last week…stay tuned).  There are just so many things that have to be on hold during this point.  It really is trying, but most things worthwhile are, aren’t they?

I’d like to get more down on this, but I need to get some Z’s.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job of writing over this next week.  No promises though.  :-)