The idea of giving back and helping out the communities you live in has interested me for some time, mostly since getting out of undergrad.  Building small things into big things is the whole idea behind my career, and many ways my life.  At least that’s what I aspire toward.  It’s not always easy, but sticking to something and creating something worthwhile with hard work is very satisfying in multiple areas.

Additionally, a program exists in school called the Leadership Fellows which I’m enrolled in.  It is comprised of speaker sessions from local companies (Target has especially been involved) and a few other programs, one of which is to do some work in community service and explain why it makes you a better leader.

Finding the time during school is hard, but not impossible.  More so, for me, is getting involved in an organization that really keeps me engaged and shows tangible results is the more difficult aspect.  There are many great organizations that achieve this, but I’ve been less than aggressive in my search.

This last Saturday, I went to Lilydale National Park and worked for my organization in a volunteer opportunity.  About 25 of us were there, half pulling invasive plants and the rest of us dragging cut down buckthorn into large piles to be taken.  It was pretty fun and a great crowd of people who wanted to make a difference.  Everyone was from my employer and although I didn’t know them, it went off without a hitch.  Finding a regular means to give back to the city and community that provides for me so often will definitely be a goal of mine in the future.  If you are part of an organization and feel it offers those opportunities, feel free to ping me.