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Tough Times

It’s pretty hard to be excited about the future in the US right now.  The political climate is incredibly toxic.  The things politicians are trying to ignore and sweep under the rug to assume power are outrageous, and divisive, like all politics today. But they say it gets darkest before the dawn. The truth is […]

Ode to Fall

Fall, in all its splendor, is here. The temperature is warm, yet brisk. The insect colonies have largely decided to pack it in. The leaves are falling, but only at a slight pace such that the mower eats them up. Football is starting in earnest tomorrow at noon. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both within reach. […]

Garage Insulation + End of Summer

Dog days of summer came, lay on the floor for a bit, and are slowly getting up and out the door. The cooler weather has begun to grace our presence, and it’s an excellent time of year.  With that cool weather comes the ability to do a few house projects, this year now that the […]

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