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Stella Pics

I’ve been waiting to put up some pics of our new dog, here are a few, I’ll keep updating as she grows.  :-)

Kibera Slum: Why We All Take Things for Granted

I read Mark Thoma’s blog regularly.  It’s an economics blog, Mark seems to be a left leaning sort with a recent track record of endorsing government policy that backs stimulus in order to fight unemployment.  It’s a good blog in that he reposts a great deal of economics articles that I otherwise wouldn’t look up. […]

Advertising In Schools

The other day I was reading an article on schools and how they are attempting to find additional revenue.  They are starting to look at advertising. For the record, it’s a sad state of affairs that schools can’t afford to keep teachers.  Of all the public works we spend on, schools should be very high […]

New Addition to the Family: Stella

For over a few years now, I’ve wanted a dog.  Animals of all kinds are great in my book.  As a child, we had dogs, cats (lots of them), hamsters, guinea pigs and whatever else we could find around.  A lot of it was my sister bringing them home and my parents futilely giving in and just […]


I should do it.

Mobile Internet and PC Browsing

Yesterday I was reading a slide deck on via Business Insider that pointed out some really interesting things.  A lot of the statistics are from Internet World Stats.  I was unaware of this site until yesterday, but it’s a really valuable resource.  If you like to get more information about internet usage, you might want […]

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