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The Difficulty of Giving (To Me)

I turned 29 on Thursday.  It was a pretty good day overall, did a lot of fun stuff and spent time with my fiancee and a few others.  I didn’t take the day off. People really seem to freak out about birthdays.  As though being a certain age signals the end of something great.  Conversely […]

Two Years Out of Business School!

It blows my mind, but it’s already been two years since business school finished.  I really find this hard to believe.  Time definitely goes faster as you get older. I’ve had a good amount of education in my life and I’m planning on more throughout my time here on Earth.  Learning is a hugely important […]

Almost Lost Ring: Heart Palpitations

The other night when Teresa and I were going down to the lake, we almost lost her engagement ring!  We searched for a few hours that night before going to bed.  The next day Teresa took off work to search and I posted it to Craiglist as well as twitter looking for assistance.  Here’s what […]

Kept My Trek 1.5

After posting my Trek 1.5 to Craigslist for sale, no one really seemed to want it.  I was kind of on the fence about selling it anyway as I knew when I did it might bug me later.  It’s a really nice bike, I just wanted something with thicker tires because the roads around here […]

Cycling Home From Siberia

I’ve been on a reading tear lately.  Lots of travel. A few weeks ago, I finished a book my mother purchased for me called “Cycling Home From Siberia” by Rob Lilwall.  My fiance and her brother actually both read this before I did, as I was in the midst of some other business reading at […]

Budget: Where Taxes Go

I always think it’s fascinating to look at the budget and where we spend. Here’s a quick graph that summarizes it from Off the Charts Blog: That’s a pretty simple graph.  It shows that most of our tax dollars are wrapped up in Defense, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Safety Net programs. As readers of this […]

Draw Something

There has been A LOT of hubbub about Draw Something, the pictionary like application that was recently purchased by Zynga for an outrageous sum (given the time the company has been around, not the quality of the app or monetary considerations).  I haven’t followed it that closely, except for reading an article here and there […]

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