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Back from Winnipeg

Propaghandi was rad!  Got an awesome new shirt.  Also had two trips of 8+ hours. Next time, we fly.

The Book of Basketball

I’ve read the Sports Guy for some time now. He’s a good writer in that his content is quite interesting and he happens to write as much about pro hoops as anything, which is something I relish. This year I wanted to focus a bit more on reading more, and I’ve been reading a lot […]

Northbound: One Great City!

Heading up to Winnipeg to see an old favorite band of mine, Propaghandi!  They don’t really play in the States and some HS buddies are making the trek.  I’m pretty excited, leaving in under an hour.  Guess I should pack, eh?  Adios.

Selling My Trek 1.5

Time to get rid of my awesome road bike.  I’m going to get waaaaay back into biking this year and I’ve been meaning to get a hybrid, something a little further upright and sturdier. This bike actually does really well overall, but I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll like something a little bit […]

A Cognizant Failure (Marketing via Facebook) REPOST

Editors note:  I found this as one of my last writings before moving to a new domain.  It was written in 2008.  Figured I’d repost for fun. I write this in lieu of actually studying managerial finance, which excites me to no start. Recently, I started a grassroots marketing campaign for the MA Fund (you’ll notice […]

Heading to Vegas

I’ve been to Vegas three times now and I’m heading down there again for my/my best man’s bachelor party on Thursday.  I enjoy that city, but can’t lie, its cache has worn off on me a bit.  I’ve done the drinking and gambling thing a lot and it kind of gets old after a while. […]

Out of Practice

I’ve been stressed out lately.  There are a lot of good reasons to be stressed as of now:  planning a wedding and doing many of the activities associated, setting off a major launch at work, classes outside of work etc.  Conversely, there’s NEVER any real reason to get that stressed about things, it’s really a […]

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