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New Ride: Hyundai Tuscon

Well, my car kept breaking down and it was time to upgrade.  I can’t stand not getting to work or having issues due to an unpredictable calamity, and that was a real issue.  So I decided to get an SUV.  We are getting a dog in a few months and having the extra room will […]

Crucial Conversations

It’s been a while since reviewing a book here.  One of the most truly difficult things to do is honest expression of what you’re attempting to communicate.  Most of my life I’ve realized that it was relatively easy to honestly express yourself in monologue, but in communication with others things get murky.  Have you ever […]

The Content is the Promotion

I’ve been disliking how much marketers are talking about content lately.  It’s waaaay too much, because nothing really changed from the year before EXCEPT using the word content a lot.  It’s like “engagement” a few years back.  The masses go crazy about a term that means the same thing it always had and it just […]

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