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Own a Business? You Can Do What You Want

It saddens me to see so many local businesses copying the big brands.  The burrito shop that tries to be Chipotle, or the local sports store that copies Dick’s Sporting Goods.  So many small businesses and their owners tend to follow what has been successful at scale in hopes that their business will follow suit.There […]

Shifting Perspective: New Tools in the Tool Belt

I was speaking with a student yesterday who brought up that his internship wasn’t really what he wanted and not all that much fun.  This student was kind of disenchanted and wondering if he had made the right call on a few things. The truth is that not everything is a lot of fun, but […]

Living with Overflow

It’s been difficult, but I’m slowly learning to accept that from a working perspective it’s not possible to control and manage every last thing.  I’ve never been someone to be anal about tiny details, but everything under my role was always handled with precision and “perfect” execution.The most visible aspect of this change is my […]

Immanuel Kant, Like a Boss

Posts have been incredibly light this month. Basketball and other things taking up time. Just wanted to take this moment to point out that, the Categorical Imperative is my center of thought on what is or isn’t “ethical.” Too lazy to click and read?  You’re in luck! The basic idea is that you shouldn’t do […]

“Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman!” Book Review

I like to read quite a bit, but I often get caught up reading only about business or things of that nature.  Reading other materials is important and business is truly only one small part of my interests.  Education, sports, science and classic literature also interest me greatly.  So over the holidays I decided to […]

Google Analytics Review

As mentioned briefly as of late, I haven’t spent much time trying to promote this blog anywhere.  I’ll post a link on Twitter every now and then, but not much else.  I also haven’t spent any time reviewing my traffic, so today I blew the dust of off Google Analytics and dug in. Slightly over […]

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