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What Will You Change This Year? How Will You Grow?

I have a few aspirations this next year. The first is my weight, I’d like to get back to a 165 lb. or so. Less than that is fine, but I think that would be where I should be. Health is a really large aspect of life and it’s time to set my life straight […]

Top Albums of 2011

It’s that time of year again.  But I have left myself very little time to think about the best music of 2011.  Luckily I have a page that covers my last 12 months.  I don’t know if I’ll do 10 albums this year or not.  There seems to be a backlash against the year […]

Pygmy: An Odd Introduction to Palahniuk

Recently while at a coworker of Teresa’s, I was given the book Pygmy and told to read it as it’s a great way to learn about Chuck Palahniuk, who I’ve been told is brilliant.  I somewhat dislike being given books as I feel though it has to be read very quickly, I do not like […]

Guns, Germs and Steel

You have likely already heard of this book, if not read it.  In 1997 it was incredibly popular and by some hailed as Darwinian in its ramifications for human history.  Jared Diamond wrote it, and it’s essentially an exposition on why human societies have formed and developed throughout modern history. The most common thought processes […]

Should I Nix the Comments on this Blog?

I see a lot of bloggers without comments sections now.  I am considering getting rid of comments for a few reasons. First off, people don’t really comment here all that often.  I haven’t really tracked my traffic for sometime, but when I last did it was around 30 hits a day.  Definitely nothing earth shattering, […]

The Year In Closing

This year is rounding out, so I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on 2011.  I’m going to be traveling up to Cloquet and then Alexandria, MN for most of the next week so won’t have much access to the internet the blog, though I should be back before New Years and can […]

Front Page of GOOGLE? Whoa! :)

In that last post about the dearth of good blogs around the area, it got me thinking about how to find good content locally about things I’m interested in. So I typed in “Marketing Minneapolis” into Google…and there I am! Wow. When I first started this blog (April of 2008) I was nowhere near the […]

the Mountain Goats

One day, after all is said and done and I have all albums by John Darnielle, I’ll write an exposition on the importance and interest of his select works. For now, I’ll say that his music is quickly rivaling Dylan in it’s importance to me. Alas, there can never be another Dylan, but Darnielle’s work […]

Some Exercise Information

Stealing this video from a good post @ The Sunshine Spirit.  I’m continuing my search for people who write about, well, a lot of things, but do it in a fun and interesting way.  Especially those people around the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas. Truth of the matter is that this topic hits home pretty hard.  I […]

Some Quick Thoughts on Making Your Life Better

1. Exercise! 2. Cooking your own meals! 3. Pets! (Still waiting on this…2012) 4. Smiling and Laughing! 5. Dylan, Vonnegut, Frost! 6. Good writing from REAL people! 7. Earth, before concrete!

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