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Managing With Power

It hasn’t been long since I finished a book.  Went from a several month gap to a few weeks gap between reads.  There’s a good reason for that, this is without a doubt one of the most important business books I’ve read.  Actually check that, it’s one of the most important BIG business books I’ve […]

To Build From Scratch

A brilliant prof of mine while in business school once said, “To be a ‘self made man’ you must first create the universe.”Anyone who tells you with a straight face that they received no help to build themselves into what they are today is delusional.  Most likely they are not thinking in the same context, […]

Sudden Realization: I’m Old…Or Damn Close

I’m getting up at 5:15am. I’m counting calories on my phone. I spend more time reading than watching television, by a long shot. I am working 10-12 hours every day. I’m engaged. I occasionally worry about saying things that will be offensive to people.   Completely not like me as a younger man. I still […]

The Green To Gold Playbook: How to Implement Sustainability Practices for Bottom Line Results In Every Business Function

Deep breath.  That was a mouthful.  Seriously, I probably should have just left the subtitles out. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a book.  The last one was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  That’s pathetic as it was in August!   There is good reason for this.  The books I’m currently reading were […]

Winter Running: Starting Up Now

I haven’t been able to get back in shape this year.  One of my goals was to get back to my target weight, around 165 lb.  Right now I’m at about 180 lb.  That’s a lot of extra weight to be lugging around.  I work out pretty consistently, but not every day like I used […]

8 Billion People: The Critical Role of Resource Management

The other week I brought up the fact that we are currently at roughly 7 Billion people on Earth.  That’s a grandiose amount of folks!  Here’s a question, where do all these folks live?  Let’s look As you can see, the really high concentrations are in India and China.  India currently has 1.2B people; China […]

Having a Degree Does NOT Make You Good at Whatever It May Be

Had this thought today while working.  So many people get degrees in their choice area to work, yet that alone does not make them good, much less great.  In fact, it’s almost as though society expects that a degree in something make people inherently better at it.  To an extent, this must be true or […]

How Do You Stay Smart?

I’m coming back to this question because it keeps revealing itself to me. My mortality is all too obvious today it seems. Previous life reflections have almost always been centered on the idea of what I should be doing and if my path is going where I’d like to be. Those thought processes and ideas […]

Headhunter Etiquette

Today, a head hunter called me at work. This happens every few months. I was a bit taken aback today though. Someone left me a message with their name and I could not figure out who it was, but thought it might be important, so I called back. It was just a someone fishing for […]

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