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We Just Hit 7 Billion People on Earth

Well, we think we did, give or take a few milly. I’m taking note of this day because my guess is that it’s not that long till we hit 8!  A little info from NPR:

Reverse Mortgaging the US: Education in the States

This morning, I woke up and saw that a city North of where I live, North Branch, had instilled a four day school week.  This is actually old news, but it had been past me for some time.  I quickly went on a rant on Twitter about how messed up our system is when cost […]

Staying Young

I’m far from an old man, but for the first time in my life today, I wondered how I could stay young. I was thinking about technology more than anything, and how difficult it will be to stay up with the new technology coming through.  Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of guff about not being […]

The Difficulty Associated With Scale

When a business just gets started, it has to change very quickly just to survive.  Most companies start and almost immediately begin to see if the product/service they are creating has value and if they can pay their bills on time…or if change is necessary.  Change is actually always necessary, but more on that in […]

Small to Big

I’ve pointed to Seth more than anyone else, for good reason. Here’s another one. Regarding marketing, yes you have to do the small campaigns before the big. I used to do 600 piece mailers with my own copy (don’t forget the PS!), sell sheet and envelope design, all by hand and deliver them down to […]

Vocational Values and Vindication

Often times, I find that business people of all kinds are seen as a vocational group not kindly regarded. Of course, there are certainly good reasons to not kindly regard many business people, but there are many for all vocations, or at least a good selection thereof. Trashing vocations such as law, politics and business […]


It sucks. I’m tired of it. And it’s rampant in almost every ecosystem where the cost of communication approaches zero. Email. Social. MMS. Voice for goodness sake. Comments. The biggest issue with web marketing is that the eagerness to get rich quick, or at least get rich for free, takes over. People seem to think […]

Adios El Jobso: Reinvention

Just a month ago or so, I wrote a goodbye to Steve Jobs.  He had left Apple, for good within the daily operations and would only be part of the board. Tonight, I was watching CNN en espanol, and saw the words “Steve Jobs Murio” on the bottom of the screen.   I thought it […]

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