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Leadership or Being In Charge?

Do you want either?  There are many, many people who don’t really want anything to do with either.  That’s just fine, although it’s probably not an easy thing, to find roles today where you are told what to do constantly.  Most people don’t have time for workers who just do what they’re told, it’s too […]

Spanish Homework

Homework has been the toughest part of class.  This week the homework is to describe two vacations I’ve taken in Spanish. Ugh. I’m never in the mood for homework!  Have to stop procrastinating… :( Adios

What To Do?

I’ve been clearing up some time lately.  I have been playing a lot of poker and decided to just cash out my account and stop playing as it’s a time sink.  I also cut out some magazines as there didn’t seem enough time to read through them. Lots of little things like this make much […]

Reading Business…For Pleasure

For quite a while now, I’ve been getting ragged on by the old ball and chain to stop reading business books. “You only read business books and think about work. You’re obsessed with it and it stresses you out” goes the refrain. There’s some truth to that. Although I think stresses don’t come from learning, […]

Kindness & Cleverness

I’ve never been to TED.  But I’ve watched quite a few of the videos online, and some are really something to be impressed with.  Today I watched a few, but the Jeff Bezos speech left me quite inspired. Something called out here is something I learned a little after high school, that it’s harder to […]

All Growed Up

Yesterday, Teresa remarked how we are adults.  She pointed out that we have curtains and tools to hang them up.  Moving in with Treesy has been nice.  We didn’t always get to see each other as much as we’d like previously, I had school and then work and she had work.  She was always really […]

Keeping Up On Things

Despite technology allowing for easier and easier transmission of information, it seems tougher and tougher to stay up on things. By things, I mean a lot of the things I used to spend so much time following closely.  Technology, social networking, mobile marketing, sports, indie music, local artistry and many other things used to take […]

New Tunes As Of Late

1.  The Vaccines 2.  Foster the People 3.  Fleet Foxes 4.  The Cults 5.  Bob Dylan Other updates on :)

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