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Endgame Etymology

In my last post, I referenced “endgame” thinking.  It occurred to me that the way I think of that word is not actually a traditional sense. Normally speaking, when you reference the endgame it is a chess term that covers off on the conclusion of a game.  I am actually using it to discuss prescient […]

Prose Decomposed: Mama You Been On My Mind

Perhaps it’s the color of the sun cut flat An’ covrin’ the crossroads I’m standing at Or maybe it’s the weather or something like that But mama, you been on my mind I don’t mean trouble, please don’t put me down or get upset I am not pleadin’ or sayin’, “I can’t forget” I do […]

Adios, El Jobso

I am a very big fan of Apple and Steve Jobs.  So when he stepped down this last week, I was actually pretty sad.  It’s a big thing for marketers and fans of tech companies in general. I know it’s somewhat trite to write about him at this point.  His legacy has probably already been […]

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The movie was one of the best I’ve seen.  It was simple and ultimately heart wrenching.  For some odd reason, I’d seen the black and white cover and stayed away.  Black and whites have mostly not been that interesting to me, other than Casablanca, but much to my surprise, the movie was actually in color. […]

Intellectual Malaise: A Certain Path To Self Destruction

Perhaps no path is certain. I have not been in the mood to do much after work lately, and that includes writing.  It’s an inertia thing now.  The new place is pretty much up to date and set, there is not much reason to NOT be writing again.  But here we are. Corporate life can […]

An MBA Is Not a Leadership Certificate

It’s been a while since I’ve written much of substance.  I moved roughly two weeks ago and recently took a small trip to the Boundary Waters, which was nice, but my life has been in tumult for the last month or so, just getting things ready and preparing to move.  And now, of course, getting […]

More Than Ever

When you think about it, today there is truly more of <insert something> than ever. That means more applicants, more cars, more memos, more houses, more people, more blogs and more posts than ever before.  Most things that are human related are soaring right now.  This is not a special moment in time where this […]

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