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Are You Really Listening?

I don’t think people listen all that well.  I’m guilty myself of interjecting self purposed statements into conversation when I should be trying to hear what the other person is saying.  We just have the tendency to think in terms relative to ourselves.  The funny thing is that we often wonder why people aren’t listening […]

Oh Yeah….I Am Now Engaged :)

In all the hustle at work, I forgot to make note on my life journal that I am engaged to one lovely gal named Teresa Clarine Blascyk.  We have been dating about two years now and I knew a long time ago that I’d spend my life with her.  I feel pretty lucky about the […]

Cradle to Cradle: Sustainability at Work

A very good thing happened to me recently, I was delegated to work on the Sustainability Team at work.  My company is a very large manufacturer of chemicals and cleaning supplies and cares very much about the impact it has on this planet.  Their commitment to developing sustainable business practices is one of the best […]

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