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NBA Playoffs Look Very Good

Basketball is my favorite sport by far.  It’s looking like a classic year for playoffs, although the first round will probably not have a lot of great matchups.  As of now, only New York – Boston looks like a really good matchup to me.  The second round though, things really get interesting.  Both the West [...]

New Gear: Time To Get Outside

While in business school I purchased a few things for trekking outdoors when I went to New Zealand.  I have always enjoyed being outside and exercising.  As a teenager it was mostly because it was so fun, but now a days things have changed.  My health plays a big part in why decisions are made; [...]

New Music: Listening Now

I’ve gotten a lot of good CDs lately, here’s a current playlist:
The Tallest Man On Earth:  All of his stuff
Rural Alberta Advantage:  Departing
Bayside:  Wasting Time
Beach Boys:  Pet Sounds
Bright Eyes:  The People’s Key
Destroyer:  Kaputt
They are all pretty good so far.  The Tallest Man On Earth will definitely make some of my favorite music this year, the [...]

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