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What’s the Readership Look Like?

I haven’t checked to see how many people read this blog in a few years!  I’ve kind of stopped watching to see how many people read it.  There are not a lot of comments, but people who know me email me about posts outside of it.  I might have to look it up. It really […]

The Difference

Fred Wilson wrote a post a few days ago about Marketing.  Fred is a venture capitalist and I read his work basically every day.  He is a GREAT writer and likely one of the most well respected bloggers out there (this is the point where most writers start an argument such as “All that said, […]

Keeping Your Cool — No Need for The Harsh Vibe Diatribes

More than once or twice in my career, I’ve been faced with what I felt were extremely trying times.  And by that I mean that my frustration was far exceeding my tolerance level.  Passion is a wonderful thing to have in workers, but it’s like leverage in that it goes both ways as things are on […]

End of February: Thank You.

Great month, but I’m happy to be moving on to March.  This has been a long, cold and snowy winter.  I’ll be very happy to get some more exercise and outdoor activity in.  I’m thinking already about six months from now, getting a duplex with Teresa and getting a dog!  It is going to be […]

Two Books In One Night: The Law

I started in on the next Economics book, The Law (that’s the actual text!) by Frederic Bastiat tonight, and it was so sparse I read it in a little over an hour.  I was not expecting that. This is more a novella than anything and is really a just a longer essay that explains the […]

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

The second of my four purchased Economics books is What Has Government Done to Our Money, written by Murray Rothbard.  The book is actually a really great explanation of what “money” is and how it is established and manipulated by different people and government as well. I touched on a primary concept of the book in […]

Wait, Why Do I Write This Stuff?

Just finished the last post and it dawned on me that it likely seems quite strange that I’d write these things.  After all, why not just link to an article that, um, articulates these points in a much more thorough and thoughtful manner?  Why not bow to the experts? A few reasons: 1.  I can. […]

Is Money A Commodity?

Well, actually, by definition, money is a commodity. That’s why it was developed in the first place, to combat the inability to trade unlike skill sets or goods in barter. But the idea that money is a commodity and can go up in value or down in value caught me off guard. It’s yet another […]

Prose Decomposed: Iron & Wine’s “Tree By The River”

Mary Ann, do you remember, The tree by the river, When we were seventeen, I can’t ..calling in the answer, And the .. in the pasture…his teeth. I recall the sun in our faces, Stuck in our engraces and be … to change Radio and the pones we find frozen, All the thornes and the […]

Economics In One Lesson

The first book on economics I finished was a pretty good one.  Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt is a very basic explanation of different concepts in economics, and although I’m not formally trained, it really seems to reemphasize the Invisible Hand concepts that were pioneered by Adam Smith. Coming it at around 200 […]

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