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Prose Decomposed #6: Owen Meaney

Uncertainty A foundation built on nothing I could see Secure in your immaculate perception The last resort I ever thought I’d exercise Now, all that I have to stand on Grieving from a different point of view I learned it’s meaning from you In life and death And continue …But faith is just a Silent […]

Chino Latino QR Codes

They are already getting just what they wanted.  Tons of exposure and a lot of questions from people without a clue.  Chino Latino has started a campaign centered around QR (quick response) codes, which open the door to additional web hosted content.  How do they work?  A smartphone application scans the code and brings the […]

Snowshoeing Around Lake Harriet

Yesterday I FINALLY got out to test my new snowshoes.  They are rad!  Super nice fit, easy to use and they work really well.  The powder around MN has been abundant this winter and especially as of late.  It felt really good to get outside; I’ve had some serious winter boredom setting in lately.  I […]

Top Socially Friendly Restaurant Brands

Here‘s a list out of some social media friendly brands. Many articles are written today that detail how companies/brands are utilizing the new media to reach out to customers. There are many trains of thought on this. What I’ve found in dealing with the more mature generation of marketers is that they discount it heavily […]

It’s Just Work

There is a distinct trudgery associated with work for most people I’ve ever met. It seems like hell. People discuss their jobs as though they are an achor tied to their leg which they must swim with forever more. Truth be told, I’ve felt this way about work occasionally, but I fight it off normally […]

Feeling Somewhat Uninspired

When I first got out of undergrad, the world was my oyster. No pearls. I was going to change things for the better and I loved it. Learning about Marketing and businesses was really driving me nonstop and every day was something new. I have to say over the last few years I’ve slowed down […]

First New Album of 2011 Is A Good One

Check it:

Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur

King Arthur is an oft cited story well known throughout modern history.  The Death of Arthur was written by a knight imprisoned during his age named Thomas Malory.  The existence of an actual King Arthur is debated, but the stories associated with him and his Knights of the Round are irrefutably a huge influence on […]

2010 Recollective Plus 2011 Resolutions

This has truly been a wonderful year in many ways.  I started out 2010 in New Zealand with a good friend for almost a month.  It was gorgeous and easily my favorite trip I’ve taken.  The travel bug has bit and it’s an itch that isn’t likely to be scratched any time soon.  Travel is […]

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