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Water Out for Today

Last night the city began working on an odd water leak across the street.  They have had to shut off water since then, which is pretty tough as I like to shower.  Having some friends over tonight for poker and to plan out a trip to Vegas, hope it doesn’t damper things. I’m still trying […]

2010 Musics: Best Of The Year

This year, I tracked all the albums I purchased. Here is the list in Google Docs.  I don’t think I’ll track albums anymore in the future, but it was a good exercise to understand how much I buy and which albums get a lot of play.  Last year I spent a long time describing the […]

US Census Data

The US Census report is up.  They have listed the reasoning for apportionment and I believe that more in depth demographic data is one the way soon as well. Here is a cool interactive map they have released showing state by state data. Technology has made all of this very easy to access and I […]

Spam Running Rampant

I’ve been ignoring all the spam comments on this blog lately, they have been multiple and annoying.  I’m not sure what to do about it as I have to sign in and delete as spam manually.  The only thing I hate about it is that it seems like I’m not watching, but I am.  I […]

Just Have to Say….I Suck

Wow, just went through a few posts and realized that the overall quality of my writing on this blog has gone down the shitter.  Typos, poor sentence structure and the like are rampant!  Yuck.  I can honestly say it’s a derivative of my dearth of time to write with focus.  I swear, I’m not on […]

2010 Retrospectives….Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the yearly changes in marketing and life I’ve been experiencing and they are coming.  I’ve been tracking music and a few other things that I’d like to touch on to finish up the year.  I have some vacation coming up soon and will try to put out […]

Competitive Intelligence Advantage

Just finished Competitive Intelligence Advantage.  I’ve been reading a lot of business books lately.  This one has some strengths and weaknesses.  Unfortunately, the weaknesses are at the front of the book. The first half of the book is spent describing the difference between data, information and intelligence.  Now these are important aspects of the book, […]

Intent and Perception

There is absolutely no getting around it.  What you intend to do and what people actually percieve are going to be different things more often than not.  That means that you can be absolutely remarkable in terms of effort and ability, but the perception of your output is going to be different than what you […]

Hellooooooooo Technology

I’m sitting on a 747 mid continental US in the coach section.  The seat on my left is vacant and I’ve got Beach House playing in my iPhone, writing a blog post on my laptop which has the juice to get me to Nevada (and recharge my phone battery.)  Pretty darn awesome in my opinion.  […]


Minnesota winter is HERE and it is not going for some time.  I’m taking a trip to Vegas for a sales presentation tomorrow and hope I can get out to the airport!  It was shut down today due tot he amount of snow coming down.  Pretty nasty out there. I think most people around here […]

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