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Project Management & Titles At Work

Project managment is a very weird term.  The reason is because technically everyone is a project manager, yet many have an official title of that in a company.  You could argue that taking a trip to the bathroom is a project, after all. Titles are important from a career standpoint, but within companies titles are […]

Perspective In Context

There are actually very few things that make someone good at approaching an issue from a marketing perspective.  I know I harp on these things, but when you run into them on the daily, it’s hard not to analyze them.  And do I analyze. The topic of today’s thought is perspective.  It never fails to baffle […]

Arcade on Fire

This has been the year of Arcade Fire for me thus far.  Although I’ve had an album of theirs for sometime, it was early this year that they became a mainstay in my playlist…and for good reason.  They are very much one of the better bands playing today.  Their new album came out a few […]

Revisiting Failure

I read a lot of things last week from a few choice bloggers who started positing that the “new” stance on failure was wrong.  The newer stance on failure is that it’s a good thing.  That not being afraid to fail is valuable because it forces you to take risks.  Those that don’t take risks […]

The Power of Inertia

As sad as it is, inertia is probably one of the main reasons that so many companies make such huge piles of money.  Once a person or business has someone in place as a supplier (think cell phone usage, hair salon, oil changes, web access, etc.) they are usually very unlikely to go somewhere else.  […]

HALP! Why Smart People Ask for Assistance

People often confuse asking for help as a sign of weakness, when it’s actually a sign of strength.  Far too many people would rather do a subpar job at something on their own in some vestige of ability than do a compelling job in coordination with someone else. Many are scared to ask for help because […]

Training and 12 Hours Per Day

It’s so on as of now.  I’m doing a heavy training week that a good deal of our operations go through and trying to push through a large project at night.  It’s going to be a very busy week!  In some ways, this sort of thing is kind of stressful because you want to learn […]

Redmarketer: Defunct?

It seems like it lately.  I haven’t been writing at all and it’s bumming me out!  There are so many great things happening right now that are worth mention, but finding time has been tough.  Making time is impossible, of course. I’m having a tough time getting into a grind of writing, but other than […]

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