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Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five

It’s good. It’s damn good. Vonnegut is new reading material for me, but I have to say that his voice is distinct and welcome. You can tell something is different with his style almost immediately. This book is about war. It’s about human beings and how silly we are.  Something there is eminently folksy and […]

Competitive Intelligence & Blogging

There’s a good reason I don’t write about what my specific job entails. A lot of posts on this site are derived from my experiences at work and in life with marketing. A lot of it is just so I take the time to look at what is happening and what I’m doing today; I […]

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Every now and then I’ll reference how I’m a marketing dork. And by that I mean that marketing excites me and really interests me in way more ways than is normal. It’s a dorky obsession and I’m lucky that I get to work in a field that interests me. You train yourself to really like […]


Life is really a series of transitions. It takes time to understand them and it’s quite easy to drift through them without even noticing too. This is certainly one for me. Work has been consuming a huge amount of my time and so you may have noticed that writing has not been a pressing matter. […]

Is This the Future of Digital?

Scanning Digg I saw this Old Spice social advert, the Old Spice guy (who I had never seen before seeing an ad at PREDATORS the other night) is in a video saying hello to Kevin Rose, the CEO of Digg. It’s pretty funny. Check it out: Can you imagine my your brain and my incredible […]

The Grind

You know you are deeply entrenched in the grind when you look at the clock at home and thing “Oh crap it’s already 7pm!” Work has been fast and furious as of late. Ten hour days are passing in the bat of an eye and work from home is pretty normal. It’s actually a nice […]

Lebron Mania

I am a fan of Lebron James in the same way I’m a fan of Kevin Durant (though I favor the latter for his humility) and Chris Paul and Steve Nash and multiple other basketball players. I did not really care for the way this whole scenario was handled; it seems obvious Lebron has publicists […]

Transparency In QSR’s: Domino’s Tries A New Angle

This has been happening since last year, when Domino’s apologized for their pizza not being up to par.  It worked. Companies today are embracing a lot of things about transparency, and shunning quite a few others.  I’m not a believer in EVERYTHING being transparent about your business.  For instance, letting people know your margins and […]

Everything Is Borrowed

I just started Slaughterhouse Five and in the opening pages, Vonnegut imbibes a detractor.  The detractor asks him about his book, which is against war.  Vonnegut is noncommital, to which the detractor states, why not write a book about glaciers? The point is apparent that glaciers are not going away, and that writing a book about […]

A Quick Thought

Strategic and tactical are not reasons to do something or not to do something.  Just as being reactionary isn’t necessarily a reason not to do something. You do the best thing considering all options.  And that’s that.

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