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But Because Seth Is Seth

I don’t normally just link to another post and talk about it, but because Seth is truly inspirational to me and other marketers, this deserves credence. Good at Talking vs. Good at Doing. This absolutely epitomizes the transformation of what I thought marketing was as a child and what it became once I started working […]

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future

…is the name of the last book I completed on my trip.  It’s by Michael J. Fox, and was given to me as a graduation present from my lovely mother.  The book is actually somewhat self deprecating in that it points out how the author dropped out of high school; in short, why would a graduate take […]

On The Road with Jack Kerouac

This, the infamous and seminal point in Jack Kerouac‘s career was my second book on the Mexico trip.  I’ve never read him prior to this offering and it was a huge revelation in terms of generational writing and understanding all the gushing over his work.  On The Road is an exciting book about youth starved […]

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

I’ve been a fan of Arcade Fire for some time, but as with many bands, I haven’t picked up all their releases.  At least, not until now.  I’ve been listening to Neon Bible for a good week and it’s a very good album.  Near as good as their first full album, Funeral.  I also picked […]


The first book read on my trip was Steppenwolf, a book by Hermann Hesse.  Written in early 20th century Germany, it spends a great deal of time wandering the endless corridors concerning a thinly veiled pseudonym of a protagonist, Harry Haller.  The alliteration can’t be the only similarity to the writer; it’s said so many […]

Back from Cabo, Mexico

I just spent seven days relaxing and not thinking too much about my impending responsibilities in Mexico.  It was a nice vacation and I got a lot of fun in.  This blog has slowed waaaay down due to that and work related research, but it will pick up.  I read a few books and will […]


Tomorrow, I graduate.  Then I’m heading to Cabo for a week of relaxation.  I may get in some posts while I’m there, but it depends on wifi availability. Hasta Luego!

Four Weeks And Counting

I have roughly four weeks before going in and starting work again.  In the mean time, I’m catching up on some reading, trying to get into decent shape (school has a seriously detrimental effect on your fitness level) and otherwise attempting to center my qi.  No I don’t use that phrase with regularity. NBA basketball […]

Comcast Facepalm

Comcast is absolutely renown for their abysmal customer service.  I just had my first encounter with it since purchasing cable.  Called in to pay via credit card and set up automated billing with the company moving forward.  Took a good 10 minutes to get ahold of an actual person after a maze of teleprompting.  Then […]

Embracing My Inner Dork

Over the last month and a half, I’ve been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 Beta, which is only available for a select few individuals (though it has opened up much more recently.)  The only PC game I ever like as a kid was the first Starcraft and this one is really good too. One […]

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