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Abstract and Defined Learning Paths

It’s always worthwhile to consider what you want to learn.  There are certain ways to learn all of these things.  The typical paths are defined educations through a university or vocational school.  I’ve been through a few schools now and I can say that they are very good at churning out the same type of […]

Thoughts On Trust and Loyalty

I’ll be transitioning into a new role here in a pretty short amount of time and it’s gotten me thinking about meeting and working with new people a lot. Trust in an incredibly important piece of teamwork and any relationships in general.  I have a professor who has spent the majority of his recent work […]

April Is Over? WHAT?

My output has been relatively low for March and April, but the time has gone incredibly quickly.  I can’t really promise anything different over the next few months as school is wrapping up, I may be taking a trip for a bit and it’s summer time.  Additionally, depending on the time and landing, I’ll be […]

Edit….Removed Post

Edit:  Had a post up about a thoughts on loyalty from a prominent web entrepreneur, but have been asked to take it down due to exclusivity.  I’ll be posting a more thorough thought process on loyalty and ambition sometime soon. Thanks and my apologies to the original writer.

Spam in Comments Section

There has been a noticeable uptick in the spam for certain posts, especially finance posts.  Most of them are oriented around real estate; I’m not sure what’s going on but haven’t really had time to consider a new filter.  Either way, ignore it if you see it.

New Musics

I have done a very poor job of tracking music lately.  Here’s a list of some of the stuff I’ve been digging lately: Frightened Rabbit:  Winter of Mixed Drinks Titus Andronicus:  Monitor Mumford & Sons:  Sigh No More Port Obrien:  Threadbare NOFX:  Coaster

The New iPhone Hardware

…was an intentional leak.  Of course, I’m not in the know on this, but there are really only two options, intentional and unintentional. Thought the latter is of course possible, it’s likelihood is slim. The good reason for intentionally doing it is that Apple is slightly worried about the new Verizon Android phones (the incredible […]

Sports Related Television

It has been six years since television was functional in my home.  Being a time and cash crunched student most of those years, it just seemed like a luxury that I could give up.  Most television shows don’t really catch my attention (with some choice exceptions) so it really worked well. The biggest issue for […]

New Musics: LCD Soundsystem Does It Right

Marketing music online should not be hard at all.  Way too many times though, bands and labels don’t do a good job.  Quick lesson:  put it out there free, not as a download but as a stream.  Don’t make people sign up for anything or work in any way other than going to a site […]

Promoted Tweets: A Myopic Alteration is a Drop In An Ocean Of Revolution

Twitter is rolling out a monetization effort for their service, Promoted Tweets.  A lot of consumers will not like this, a lot of them will understand that the service and information provided by “free” sites such as Twitter and Facebook has to be paid for at some point.  This is similar to how basic programming […]

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