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Hidden Skill

Certain competencies and abilities are very visible.  Being able to dunk a basketball is quite demonstrable.  So is solving an advanced math problem or playing a Bach concierto.  They are rulers.  If you can you can, if you can’t you can’t. There are other skills that are not so easily seen.  These skills are not […]

Starcraft 2 Beta!

I have a friend who is a developer at Blizzard-Activision and he just gave me a key for the Starcraft 2 Beta.  Starcraft was the only PC game I ever really got into as a kid, I spent tons of hours playing and it was one of the most popular video games of all time. […]

Interactive Television

It’s not too far away.  Technically it’s already here, but soon the integration of televisions with computers will be a built in feature. I’ve been toying with getting a Mac Mini for my 42″ LCD TV at home for a while now.  Today, I simply plug in my parallel port on my laptop to the […]

Ethical Concerns of Wall Street (PBS Video)

The last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks learning about Wall Street and Investment Banking. I’m in the midst of an ethnography book on Wall Street (which I’ll review whenever I finish) and have an ethics class that has had a few discussions turned to capital investment.  What’s […]

Beach House: Teen Dream

Writing more about music was a goal of mine for the year.  I’ve bought eleven albums so far this year and although nothing has been truly groundbreaking (something I’d listen to for a month straight) there have been some standouts. As an aside, I’m tracking all my album purchases this year along with how many […]

Back to Work!

In many ways, it seems as if school is already over.  Classmates are scattered about in their own directions, focused on acquiring a job or pet projects, deep down their paths.  The school is now belonging to the first year MBA class, who take the reins on many organizations, projects and the overall school.  They […]

Winter Doldrums

Just realized that the weather and subsequent lack of exercise has me in the doldrums.  It’s tough to be thinking and writing when you’re not in the mood.  It’s time to get back into exercising and eating a little better.  Spring is right around the corner anyway. Next year, I’ll have a gym membership to […]

Under the Weather

I’ve been under the weather for a few days.  Did spend a nice weekend down town and made it ice skating for the first time in years.  The jubilation didn’t do much to confront my sore throat though.  Once I catch up on school work and work work and extracurricular work, I’ll be back. TO […]

NBA League Pass Broadband: Not Worth It

I’ve only had League Pass Broadband for a week or so and it’s obvious I won’t buy it again.  The reasons are many: 1.  Blackouts.  Even if you pay for 7 teams (my option) or all teams, they have to meet sellout requirements in order to be watched.  That means my Timberwolves are going to […]

Who Created You?

If you were forced to distill all of your positive and negative points into where you picked up those traits, could you do it?  People with high emotional intelligence tend to be able to remember who made them a certain way; they have an ability to recognize their own patterns and when they change or […]

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