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Entries for January 3rd, 2010

Lake Wanaka

It took a bit of time on a cramped bus, but I finally arrived in Wanaka.  This has been the most majestic stay of all the backpackers due to the view outside our hostel.  Lake Wanaka stretches for what must be an hour by bus up to the North.  We are at the South end […]

Poor Posts

My apologies for the current and previous posts.  They aren’t well formatted, have no links and are often uncategorized and tagged. I don’t have much time to tag everything or make sure what gets up is decent due to the limited internet access. As always, thanks for reading.


I’ve met quite a few people in the last few years who are what I’d consider headstrong. Although this adjective can often be associated with poor connotations for being bossy or difficult to deal with, I mean it as a complement for the most part. There are far more people who won’t stand up for […]

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