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Failure, Repetition and 500th Post

This is the 500th post of Redmarketer.  That’s not bad in my opinion.  It took a little under 20 months to get here and I’ve learned a lot about the web and marketing since then.  But there is still so much more to learn about.  I think about SEO and how to improve my ranking […]

The Girls: Album

I’ve really been getting into the Girls album, Album, that made so many top ten lists last year.  It’s a two piece, and the opening track really hooks you into listening off the bat.  Most of the CD isn’t comprised of fast sounding tunes, unlike the opener, but there’s something about it that is easy […]

Initial Thoughts on iPad

It’s not something I’d buy today.  Granted, I just purchased a very nice and functional ASUS EEE which has thoroughly enamored me.  There just isn’t enough email functionality there.  Browsing seems much more advanced than the iPhone, but what is it really giving beyond that?  I have iTunes on my netbook and don’t really use […]

Google’s News Feed

Just did a quick search on “iPad” to look at some reviews and thoughts and found Google’s news feature, a scroll down of new publications updated constantly.  It incorporates a lot of stuff that I saw such as tweets, blogs, site reviews and whatnot. I just found it interesting and a nice, functional real time […]

School Starts & Current Events

I’ve been very busy with school as the semester starts.  I have three night classes (that’s a lot) and they are all centered on the medical industry, which has been interesting as of yet, but will assuredly be a lot of work.  My day classes are ethics and anthropology; the latter is already proving a […]

Best Albums of 2009!

(Editors note, this is coming out in late January due to being on the road.) This is going to be a long post.  Get some popcorn, I would, but I don’t care for it.  It takes me a LONG time to write this.  It’s Friday, I’m listening to Get Lonely by the Mountain Goats and […]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce has been heralded as an impeccable written revolutionary of his time, he’s been derided as a writer who took more upon himself to convolute his writing than create logical works.  I’ve had someone tell me he is “unreadable.”  Strangely enough, this struck me as somewhat of a challenge and I’ve been […]

You Don’t Get to Yes Before Getting to No

It’s not a law.  Sometimes, people will buy from you or accept your idea or go on a date with you right off the bat.  But most don’t. This is an important axiom precisely because it is largely ignored by anyone not in sales.  Sales people are pretty damn smart.  They know that the amount […]

Reading More Than Writing

I’m playing catch up from time away, with roughly 500 posts in my RSS, 15% of which I fully intend to give decent time and read thoroughly.  I have to get all my pictures posted (or at least a good fraction of them as there are roughly 600 to pick from.) There are multiple things […]

For What It’s Worth, I’m With COCO.

I have watched Conan O’brien for a long time now, and he is simply one of the funniest men of all time.  His intellect and wit are impeccable, and he reached beyond traditional comedy so many times when everyone else was running vanilla programming.  It’s his time and my generation supports him. What’s interesting about […]

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