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Franz Joseph Glacier

I arrived in Franz Joseph two days ago and have been hiking a lot. The first day was a hike through the wilderness and it reminded me of a rainforest; everything is completely green and lush. There is a small mining area that existed some time ago that I went toward and it provided a […]

A Long, Rainy Day of Bussing

Last night we climbed to a peak in Nelson called the Center of New Zealand.  It was a cool view and it also provided a good start to hiking out here.  After taking an extended walk around town, I headed back to the backpackers and showered, cleaned and got ready for bed. I woke up […]

National Language Practices

Over the last five days, I’ve come to recognize how America is lacking in some international communications.  Most everyone down here in NZ speaks English.  If you’re thinking that should be obvious as it’s the national language, you’re correct.  The only issue with my experience is that the majority of people who I’ve met are […]

Nelson Bound

I’m on a bus to Nelson, a city West of Picton, as I write this.  It’s bumpy.  Most of the roads in NZ are not all that well paved, especially outside of major cities. Yesterday, I took a very poor mountain bike out for a spin up Queen Charlotte Trail, or at least the road […]

Cultural Shifts

To get outside the normal pursuit of happiness and consider our species is a difficult thing to do.  Travel has pointed out the obvious differences between “my” culture and the Kiwis (NZ people) as well as many other people from around the globe. Humans are such a particularly peculiar group.  I’m just one of billions […]

Greetings From Afar

Well, I made it!  I’ve officially been in New Zealand kicking it with the Kiwis (their self administered moniker) for two days.  It kind of blows my mind to say that because an immense amount has transpired since then! Of all the things I can say, or want to say about New Zealand, one truly […]

Hit the 12 Hour Mark

Been traveling about 12 hours now and it’s tiring.  It’s odd how you can get worn out for not enough movement or stimulation.  I’m in LAX now and thought it a good time to break in on my first traveling post.  The plane to Sydney leaves in roughly two hours and I’ve read about 200 […]

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Heading to New Zealand tomorrow morning.  Sorry for the light posting, truth be known, I have actually been writing my monster post for best albums of the year but it takes quite a while to compile.  I’ll be updating regularly on the trip with photos so make sure to swing through every now and again.

Semester Number 3: Dundee, Crocodile Style

Oh yes.  Rejoice in the yet untold glory that is a full month off from both school and work.  Oh yes. For what it’s worth, I am always trying to encapsulate the difficulty and meaning of business school when a major piece wraps up.  It has been impeccable in terms of learning.  It has already […]

Generalization and Stereotypes vs. Discrimination

Had a conversation today where someone said “This may be sexist…but guys aren’t good at cooking.”  That’s a generalization.  A stereotype.  Of course, these things are not completely true; the stereotypes do exist for reasons though.  They are likely more often true than not.  It’s dependent on the particular stereotype, but many ring true.  Many […]

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