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Red Pens @ Sauce

Sauce had a nice show last night with the Red Pens and Gospel Gossip.  I only stayed for the Red Pens as that was all I wanted to see last night, but I hear good things about the latter. They played the entirety of their LP, Reasons and one additional song.  They rock.  The drummer […]

Teachers and Doctors

Last night I got into a good conversation with a couple friends from high school, who happen to be two of the smartest people I know, about health care and education.  We discussed quite a few things, none of us all that educated on either topic, being a mechanical engineer, an astrophysicist and a marketer.  […]

Bicycle Decision

I’m back home for a few days in Alexandria, MN.  It feels pretty unfamiliar at this point, I don’t get back enough due to work and school, alongside genuinely loving Minneapolis right now.  Minneapolis is a hell of a town, it keeps me busy.  Alexandria has a lot to offer too, but not right now.  […]

Things To Be Thankful For

The human condition is that of a curse.  We are forever discontented with the current state and aspiring of new heights.  Perhaps it’s a blessing too.  Today, I thought about how monumental every little situation seems, when in reality they’re all just fractions adding up to the same integer.  One. Here are some things I’m […]

Camera Obscura, Honey In The Sun

I’ve been listening to this track non stop!  I ordered the album through Amazon a few days ago, but am still waiting.  Watch this at your own peril, it’s addicting: PROTIP: Expand to full screen for awesome-o colors.

LinkedIn & Miscellaneous

LinkedIn has always been something I never really bought into.  I signed up a long time ago, didn’t do anything with the profile, then resigned up with a new email and am now close to having a final profile.  Since last year, my mind has been slowly changing about it’s utility.  I’ve had friends tell […]

Amazon’s Black Friday

It takes a lot to win me over as a consumer. I don’t harbor a lot of brand loyalty (at least not anymore than the typical American Gen Y) and keeping my business is pretty tough. A lot of this stems from the realization that products and services are largely the same for multiple categories; […]

Booth Traffic

I did a lot of work at my last job trying to drive traffic to our booth.  You learn a lot about significant intricacies of doing trade shows.  Location, traffic, cost per foot, carpet thickness and promotion at the show all are worth thinking about.  At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game.  […]

Two Good Bands

I was at Sauce, the new “spirits and sounds” digs in Uptown on Saturday and saw two new bands that were both really good live. The first was Ice Palace, a five piece if memory serves, who played indie music with a good lead singer.  His voice was somewhat disinterested or low monotone if that […]

Teaching Marketing @ UROC

I hold a position as a marketing intern at the Business & Community Economic Development Office at the University of Minnesota.  As part of that gig, over the next month, every Monday I’ll be teaching marketing principles to high school students from around Minneapolis.  The classes are at a new building called UROC, which stands […]

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