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Nagle’s Pricing Effects on Sensitivity

Tom Nagle, a strategy and marketing professor has detailed many sensitivy effects for connotations surrounding prices in his book, The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing.  Pricing is one of my best classes this semester.  Here are some of them: Unique Value Effect: The customer is less price sensitive when a product or service offers a […]

Sea Wolf: Traitor

The new Sea Wolf album is top notch, probably better overall than his debut, which was my favorite album of 2008.  The freshness of that sound made it a more important album at the time, but this one is something special too. Here is a video of “Traitor” which he played at 7th Street last […]

First Post On Asus EEE Netbook

Amazon delivered the new netbook today.  I’m writing this to test it out.  I downloaded Firefox 3.5 and dropped IE as well as most other MSN preloaded software, but kept MSFT Works, which I haven’t used yet. I still have to download iTunes and figure out a way to transfer music into this thing from […]

Real Time Information: Google Speaks

It’s a fascinating time to be alive.  Although chances are that most people feel that way during their lives, I really do feel as though the technological revolution we are in right now is mesmerizing. Eric Schmidt goes over some real time issues here for Google, such as how to rank and the change in […]

State of The Blogosphere 2009

Some interesting information from Technorati on bloggers: Demographics of Bloggers:  18-44, affluent and 66% male with 3+ blogs!  Prolific too, I guess. Topics and Success Metrics:  Many different types of blogs, but self expression and expertise (ahem) dominate.  Success is measured mostly through posts, personal satisfaction, links and UV‘s. Origination and Use:  Most build blogs […]

Deluxe Goes Social, HR Online

It looks as though Deluxe, the now multiple tiered solutions company (though they began a long time ago printing checks), is using a social media strategy to acquire new talent.  Your first reaction to this may be something akin to “Um, yeah, welcome to the present.”  This is actually an important step for corporations.  Many […]

The Rules: Part One

I’m slowly but surely accumulating some rules for business and life in general.  At some point, I’ll likely formalize them (this will likely be years from now) into something more worthwhile.  For now, these posts shall do. Rule Numero Uno:  The way you treat people is far more important than anything else. At a certain […]

The Antlers: Hospice

My addiction to music continues.  I’ve been listening to the Antlers latest album, Hospice and it is oh so good.  There are a few times a year when a bands sound just sticks out and you can tell it’s going to be something you’ll get into.  It’s not a genre thing, it’s just that certain […]

I Need a 32 Gig iPhone

I’ve gotten to the point where my 16gig can’t hold any more music.  I wanted to buy a 32gig when I inadvertantly ruined my new one, but being only 14 months into my AT&T contract, they wanted to charge me $599. I will never understand the upcharges for existing customers.  You are still getting the […]

Social Media & Abhoring Mediocrity

My favorite team the Minnesota Timberwolves are adding a “social media” site where all types of user generated content will aggregate.  This, in itself, is not a bad idea.  It will be called, evidently.  I don’t like the whole “nation” thing.  In fact, I should point out now that I’m not a fan of […]

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