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Seawolf at 7th Street Entry

Last night, amidst a flurry of other activity in school, I brought a pretty young lass to a Seawolf show (his debut was my favorite album of 2008).  Making concerts for the A term is going to be extremely difficult, but these tickets were procured some time ago and it was SO worth it.  Even […]

Disney’s Digital Children’s Stories

Saw an interesting piece in the Times this morning on Disney and their new foray into online story telling.  In a self purported watershed move, Disney is now going to digitize classic book stories online in a subscription model sold to parents.  It costs $79.95 per year and has such characters as Tinker Bell, Winnie […]

Busy Week + New Zealand!

It’s been light here writing; I forgot how much work school is!  Well worth it this year though.  I have three downright amazing classes in Pricing, Business Formation and Negotiations.  All a lot of value adding and knowledge procurement.  But it takes its toll.  Finding time to write is tough. As a vacation, this year […]

Know of any good business/economics blogs?

Hey, you!  I’m trying to beef up my RSS with some good business/economics blogs.  I read a lot on marketing, the New York Times and Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal, but am looking for any really good writing on those subjects.  I like to read conversational writers though, not stuffy, if you know what I […]

Subjects of Scrutiny

Amoebas, the lot of us. After just having another mock interview (this means an interview that is not real per say, but used to evaluate your interviewing skills), it seems obvious that the choice to come back and further educate is simultaneously choosing to put yourself under immense scrutiny.  This is not news, but it’s […]

The Hype Machine Weekly Updates

…are radical. I’ve tried a lot of other services to update me on what I listen to and give recommendations on shows and releases. Most of them have needed overtly annoying navigation or just didn’t have a decent algorythm to track my tastes. Hype Machine sends a weekly email with big, bold links to the […]

Ideas and Excitement

My favorite type of coworkers are the ones that have ideas and get excited about them.  They also get excited about things that aren’t their own.  Do you get excited about new ideas?  Do you know people that do?  What do you think about them and how are they percieved in your organization?  A lot […]


School is quite  a process.  It’s a rollercoaster most of the time, moving too quickly to really assess what is happening. The last few days, I’ve caught myself once or twice getting a little aggravated about the process and turbulence so unavoidably attached to it.  Reason being that the amount of work included is enormous, […]

Google Analytics Is Up & Running

In my prior life, I ran the marketing department for a smaller promotional product company (top line 5mm).  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever learn as much about something again in my life.  Any possible aspect of marketing had potential for us, as long as it wasn’t a huge advertising campaign with huge spend, […]

Scientific Persuasion: 6 Calls to Getting Affirmative Answers

Just got done reading a piece by Robert Cialdini on persuasion.  It’s basically a listing of six major persuasive ideas.  Here they are: 1.  Reciprocity: The idea that when someone receives something, wanted or not, they feel a compulsion to respond in kind.  Marketers use this.  That’s why people on sales calls bring free coffee […]

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