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Wakeboarding & Minnesota Summers

For the first time in about four years, I was treated to a wakeboarding expedition on Forest Lake with a few coworkers. The guy with the lake lot owns a Malibu boat, I didn’t ask which model, but it was NICE. It had a full ballast system and the wake was the biggest I’ve yet […]

Digg Sponsored Stories

Was perusing Digg, an interesting consortium of geeky topical news fodder, the other day and noticed that a story was sponsored by threadless.  Turns out, it’s not really a story.  It’s an advertisement.  Check it out, there home page now regularly has “stories” that are actually sponsored ads.  They seem more interactive in nature than […]

LULS @ Wikipedia!

I was reading this awesome page on common misconceptions and witnessed the fallacy of an open Wiki page: Biology Warts on human skin are caused by viruses that are unique to humans (Human papillomavirus). Humans cannot catch warts from toads or other animals; the bumps on a toad are not warts.[68] The claim[69] that a […]

Getting Smart

In my estimation, there are two ways to be really good at something, learning about a subject in a formalized setting or just going out and doing it. The latter trumps the former in most situations. The issue is that any shmuck off the street can’t necessarily just jump in and do a lot of […]

Netflix and Business Method Patents

At a party the other night, a group of people started discussing Netflix.  I love Netflix; it costs all of $9 a month to get one movie at a time.  An hours worth of time spent picking out movies and organizing them sequentially allows me to receive a few months worth of movies without thinking […]

New Musics: August 09'

Did some Amazon ordering as of late: Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot: This is one of those bands everyone seems to like a lot and I’ve never listened to them. On initial rotation, I don’t necessarily get what all the hubbub is about. Good? Yes. Fanatically endearing? At this point no. Chia like, it may well […]

Your People Are Your Brand

Marketing folks are an odd lot. Some of us are eccentric, some flamboyant, some methodical, some factual, some salespeople, some happy go lucky and some competitive. There are many different personality types in a multitude of industries. Certain personality traits are valuable in marketing. Outgoing, gregarious individuals do well for themselves. You HAVE to be […]

Specialists & Multi-taskers

Some employees do one thing really well.  Some do a lot of things well.  There is a certain thought process in the market that if you are a multi-tasker, you can’t be the best in the world at any one thing.  But there’s also something to the idea that you can be the best in […]

Personal Branding Online

There aren’t a lot of people who blog.  That sounds odd, because there are actually millions and millions of blogs now.  But there aren’t a lot of people that blog.  How many do you know personally?  I can count on one hand the number of people who I know personally that write on an ongoing […]

Free MIT Course: Game Theory

As mentioned previously, I went through some of the free course on Game Theory provided by MIT.  I didn’t spend too much time on it, just an hour or so.  The online content is formalized in very lack luster power points, although still representative of a coherent story. Game theory is very interesting, it’s basically […]

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