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Whoa Nelly. Summer is Flying By.

By the beard of Zeus?!  Summer is going, going gone, baby, ghandi–Mahatma style.  All benevolent and whatnot. Turns out I’ll be working an extra two weeks at my internship, which is the teh awesome.  Still, I can’t help but feel this is ultimately the fastest summer I’ve ever experienced.  Quite possibly one of the best […]

Corporate Marketing Is Great, But Can You Do It Yourself?

I was thinking about corporate marketing the other day.  It’s like an iceberg, moving slowly (so slowly) and it takes incredible coordination with all the other facets of the organization to steer it in the direction you’d like.  There’s also more to it than meets the eye.  Professional marketers on these teams are very talented, […]

10k and a Shuffle

Running and listening to music has been less than ideal for me over the last few years.  I don’t do anything exercise without tunes, so that was an issue.  My old 5th generation iPod has been a godsend overall, I’ve used it a ridiculous amount for trips, kicking it at school and exercise of all […]

Business Chess Analogy

I’ve referred to business as a chess game once or more times in the past.  If only there were more time to play chess.  Alas. Business really does lend itself quite well to chess.  In chess, the players must be able to memorize moves both present and pending in order to outmaneuver, flank and flog […]

Worry Wart & Dreamer

Over my entire life, worrying has been a constant.  Worrying about stupid things as well as pragmatic potential occurrences.  It’s ingrained into my personality to consider and fret about the unknown.  It’s certainly overt in comparison to the average persona in this atmosphere, at least that’s my take.  The majority of instances don’t warrant the […]

New Musics

I had went to Cheapo a while back to find new music and was aghast at the prices.  It sucks that many of the bands I’d like to buy are SOOOO expensive at retail.  In all truth, the two CDs I walked out with could have likely been gotten cheaper on Amazon with the used […]

Business is Competition, Regardless

Business, in itself, is a competition amongst entities with parallel resources and a zero sum potential for outcomes.  The competition is essentially for additional resources of which the entity can further invest in order to accumulate more resources.  In the mean time, the people and organizations that are in the employ of such organizations are […]

I Dig Small, Local Shops

Literally about as far from my house as possible on my new bike loop (which, consequently, consists of Calhoun, Harriet, Nokomis and Lake of the Isles) I got a wicked flat tire.  I rode the flat (or the rim) back to my place about five miles and on my way up to a bike shop […]

New Biz Idea

Here’s an idea for someone to make a few million dollars.  I don’t often get ideas for businesses that I think have legs, but this one seems like it could scale and make a lot.  I’m way too interested in my career at this point to think about bootstrapping a web company, so if you […]

UFC 100

Watched the UFC 100 event on Saturday downtown.  During one of the vicious knockouts, it struck me.  The replay was showing a combatant who had knocked the other out and jumped down to hit him one last gruesome time across the skull.  All of a sudden, the Roman Colosseum came to mind, with thousands of […]

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