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I Will Follow You Into The Dark

A good song off of Plans: [youtube=]

Burn the Ships

Cortez did it.  You should too.  Some of my sage (or saggy?) advice to many people over the last year has been to not give up, to persevere despite how difficult the economy and apparent lack of interest for students there is.  The reason is that if you are truly committed to working in the […]

Sunday Summary

It seems like the last few weeks the only time I’ve had to write is later on Sundays, when a great deal has already transpired.  I cook a bunch of meals for the upcoming work week (usually chicken and veggies), do dishes, try to get some writing in and read before sleeping.  There’s never enough […]

Supersize Me! (No Thanks.)

So last night I watched Supersize Me on Hulu.  If you don’t use Hulu, you should consider it.  It’s a free television service provided by large networks in efforts to combat Youtube and other net video services that don’t allow the networks to monetize their content.  It’s well done and easy to use. The movie […]

The Shining

Never had I read a Stephen King novel.  The movie was and is one of my favorites, it was impeccably shot and truly haunting when watched alone or in complete dark.  My favorite Nicholson performance, bar none.  It just set a standard for me in terms of films.  Horror films are often cheap and poorly […]

"When I Get Out Of School"

It seems that I’m always thinking or saying that statement lately.  Part of it is my penchant to plan things out in the long term, part of it the time and resource constraints held on you over attending a full time program.  Plans are always going on in my head.  Business plans, life plans, etc. […]

Playing Catch Up

I really have no idea why, but writing has been very low on my to do list lately and it shows on this blog.  So I’m trying to catch up now. Just yesterday I saw an AMAZING concert called Rock The Garden at one of my favorite art venues (maybe my favorite) the Walker (cool […]

Community Service

The idea of giving back and helping out the communities you live in has interested me for some time, mostly since getting out of undergrad.  Building small things into big things is the whole idea behind my career, and many ways my life.  At least that’s what I aspire toward.  It’s not always easy, but […]

Summer Time & Marriage

I’m back in MPLS, Uptown is gorgeous.  Just ran down and around Calhoun, which is the norm, and it’s beautiful.  Side note, Calhoun is too busy and it’s like people go to be seen exercising.  I like Isles and Harriet more, but I don’t want to run more than an hour and both would require […]

Hello Denver: Traveling & Maintenance

I’ve always found travel to be somewhat difficult.  It’s not that being gone is more work persay, it’s just harder to keep up with people and with regimens.  Tuesday I left for Denver, and I’ve been here since (despite a slight holding pattern due to thunderstorms).  It’s a new city to me and of anywhere […]

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