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Google Wave Thoughts

Here’s an interesting new technology from Google called Wave.  If you have an iPhone and use the text function, you’ll notice that threads are actually told like real conversations.  This reminds me very much of that simplicity.  Wave allows users to start threads as “hosted conversations,” which has quite a few other marketing connotations.  In […]


Keeping in shape, long work hours and after hours reading/research have me really, really tired the last few days.  I also think it will be some time to get used to the schedule and sleeping earlier (10:30). Heading out for the weekend; NW for a friends birthday cabin trip.  :-)  Now I’m going to NE […]

Back to Work

And loving it.  The 40 (actually 50+) hour work week is different than school, but in a good way.  There is much more of a cadence and normalcy to the real world, it fits me.  The internship has started off well, the company I work for has been incredibly gracious to all of us and […]

The First of Many Busy Summer Weekends

I’ve  been somewhat freaking out about summer the last few weeks.  The weather and amount of activities to do, ability to exercise whenever and whatnot have me absolutely elated.  Ear to ear grins.  This weekend has been jam packed with outside vigor.  Started out with a night watching These Modern Socks at the Uptown Bar.  […]

Polarizing Figures

The thing about working somewhere, anywhere, hanging your hat on principles, standing up for something or just having an opinion, those things all have a tendency to polarize people.  Half of the people are going to praise you for what you believe and how you operate with such conviction, half of the people will likely […]

The Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do

Is write well.  It’s a call most can’t answer and it drives many of us.  The reason it’s so difficult is that it isn’t given.  No one has the gift.  It’s torturous until you find the rhythm.  Or it finds you.  Then, a waterfall.

Brushes With Mortality: RIP Dennis

I’ve had a few too many brushes with mortality over the years. Three friends have committed suicide.  My stepsister was taken from us in a murder/suicide when I was in kindergarten.  In high school, I was right next to a complete stranger from another town that did a half gainer into a river off of […]

Trader Joe's & Healthy Eating II

It’s awesome. I decided to go check it out last week and was relatively happy about the experience.  Just wish there was one closer than Excelsior, but maybe I’ll start swinging in on my way back from Maple Grove this summer. Most everything is organic and it’s fairly priced too!  I’ve heard rumblings of Trader […]

Other Musics Miscellaneous

The other music I picked up isn’t too shabby, btw.  The Black Keys‘ Rubber Factory is VERY good.  Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion is a little more difficult to access, but is showing a lot of promise.  St. Vincent’s debut hasn’t proven my cup of tea, but is certainly an expression of sorts.  Dark Was […]

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band: Outer South

I picked up about five new discs in the last week.  This is normally a problem as one or two albums usually prove the best of the lot to start and the others are listened to much less.  Then alternately as time goes on I’ll cycle back and listen to a lot of the other […]

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