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My Reputation Recedes Me

Every year the school puts on Follies, an event to celebrate and have a few laughs.  A couple of good friends made a video for it, I couldn’t make the shoot due to family being in town, but it’s good.  I also can’t be at Follies due to South Korea; this is a bit of […]

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m leaving for Seoul, South Korea at 3:15 and arriving Friday night at 9pm or so (you lose 12 hours on the way East).  I haven’t actually travelled since senior spring break of undergrad; this is long overdue.  A good friend of mine is over there teaching English and another […]

Dorkiness Defined

Why on Earth would I write so often about the same topic?  Why is it such a driving force for me in terms of business?  The answer is a two parter: 1.  I’m a dork. 2.  My perception is that most people, in business or out, don’t think about marketing in ways that are conducive […]

Ford and The Eventual Upturn

I’ve maintained over the course of this “economic crisis” and the difficulties for automakers that Ford was doing the right things.  NOT taking government cash will win people over in these times and they are already paying off a lot of long term IBD to get a stronger balance sheet less exposed to interest payments […]

I like teh musics (2 Favorites)

Music is an obsession for me, I buy about $50 per month worth of CD’s I’d say, give or take.  A few nuggets of inspiration for you this morn: First up are EPs.  EPs are great in my opinion, they offer an eclectic offshoot of an album, some derivative work that wasn’t worth of an […]

Public Speaking

Speaking itself isn’t much of a problem for me, public speaking is a little more difficult.  I’m “hosting” the first MILISA case competition tonight and as such have to give a formal address.  It’s completely understandable how people fret over this.  It’s definitely not a fun thing to do, but it’s an honor nonetheless. The […]

Light Posting

Really busy week, hosting a case competition tonight and our work for consulting enterprise has been in overdrive. I’ll try to get back on track here sometime soon.

Memories of MKTG (Competition)

In the years prior to attending school, marketing consumed a great deal of my time.  Those days are out the door with the aggregation of other class work, consulting projects and reading.  Today the majority of my time is spent learning about consulting and building an effective Powerpoint deck, building financial models that accurately describe […]

Easter: A Great Time for Finance

Unfortunately, today I’ll be spending most of my time pouring over a 10 page finance test due on Wednesday, instead of going home and enjoying some time with my family.  It’s times like these that make you question everything about school.  Is it worth it?  Will you back and be happy you did a test […]

Financial Modeling & Conceptual Understanding

I have a take home financial test this weekend as well as a Managers Anatomy & Physiology.  I don’t sweat the latter.  The former is going to be similar to pulling teeth.  It’s relatively high level stuff, leveraged buy outs, calculating beta coeffecients and whatnot.   These are the kinds of things that I’d never even […]

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