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Joking & Humor in the Office

I’m kind of a yuckster.  In an odd amalgamation of extreme business levity, of course.  I can’t really begin to describe quite how seriously my career and performance are.  Most people who work with me will understand that the objectives of the company always come first and that building something worthwhile, something that sustains the […]

Marathon Month :: Leaving for South Korea!

I’ve referred to my Mondays as marathons the last few months as I had four classes amidst meetings over the first term of the semester.  This term it has lightened somewhat for the fact that I only have three classes on Mondays, but now I have three on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as a […]

The Hazards of Love

I’ve been listening to the new Decemberists album, The Hazards of Love, all weekend.  It’s a concept album and totally worth buying.  This is actually the first concept album in my collection, and it’s really fun to listen to.  We’ll see how long it lasts in rotation, but for now it’s top of the list.

Manager's Anatomy and Physiology

Not one in particular.  I’m speaking about a class. A class I just started yesterday night, and I’m quite excited about it. As I noted previously, the marketing classes I’ve taken aren’t exhilarating me at this point.  It’s not the teachers, it’s the content.  It seems like I’ve already learned it and kind of a […]


I’ve been listening and reading to management ideas and philosophies lately.  I’ve an inkling that restraint is a very important trait for many people within a business environment, but especially managers. We all have to show restraint to some extent in our every day lives.  Not overeating every time food is around is an easy […]

Feed Withdrawn from Fbook

OK, so that was easy.  I pulled my RSS feed from Facebook.  We’ll see if my stats take a downturn (which isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things).

What Am I Going To Do About Facebook?

I’ve got some big plans for Facebook.  Or a lack thereof.  Or a withdrawal. Facebook has really revolutionized the way we communicate and keep up to date with friends, acquaintances, passerby’s, coworkers, family, secret admirations, detestables, and randoms.  For the most part I really enjoy it.  But when I look at my profile, it looks […]

Dylan vs. Oberst (Bright Eyes)

Watching my page, it’s apparent how much Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band a lot.  My tendency with music is to gravitate toward the good writers.  The lyrics of a song or album often mean as much as the music and more.  So it’s no surprise that Oberst gets so much play.  […]

The Balance of Experience & Skill

A person with a trade or business skill set often faces a decision when entering a new industry or opportunity.  When to rely on skill and when to rely on experience of others.  It’s not an easy decision. Most professionals have accrued their own experience and ability over the years.  They understand and trust those […]


It’s always so fun to read, especially with a Don Quixote reference.  I mean who puts H.G. Wells (or if you dig radio, Orson Welles) and Cervantes together?  Luls.  Don’t forget to go to the site and scroll over the images, often those are the best parts of the joke.

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