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Winter and Her Impending Doom

I say she because only a woman could hold so much power over me.  It struck my yesterday that the season is getting to me.  The months take so long during winter, I believe that every year a funk occurs where my attitude starts to play limbo.  There’s something to the long cold days, lack […]

Experience, Perseverance and Building

When you first get out of school, you just don’t get it.  As sad as that sounds (I hate when people say, “you just don’t get it” or “she gets it,” it’s an easy way out, another inclusion group to reference yourself with; if I don’t get it, you need to explain to me what […]

Holden Caulfield

Via PostSecret: Something there is wonderful about literature and art.  It connects us, it shows us how we are all alike, despite our differences.

Joining the Consulting Enterprise @ CSOM

Some good news, I’ll be starting what is bound to be an epic and informative travail through the Carlson Consulting Enterprise, which is one of four enterprises here at school.  The other three are Funds which focuses on equity and fixed income financials, Ventures which is more of an entrepeneurial orientation, and Brand which is […]

Robinson Crusoe

It has been some time since reviewing a book.  Truth be told, I had almost finished a Kant piece some time ago, but took too long and now must relegate it to reading fully again some later date.  Over the past month, I’ve been reading Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe.  The amount of time it […]

Google Timeline Results

I love how much new stuff Google is working on and throws against the wall.  I was reading Seth’s blog and he mentioned that Josiah Wegwood invented marketing.  Parsnickles, I say!  How can I not have heard of the person who invented marketing, turns out it wasn’t Al Gore.  Well that was enough for me […]

Business People Aren't Inherently Bad

There, I said it.  It seems like that’s the perception though.  Recently more than a few people I’ve met with kind of blanch when I tell them that I’m a business student.  One specifically discounted what I said as biased (what isn’t biased?) because I’m “one of them.”  That’s a direct quote. First, let’s touch […]

Disintermediating Education

Recently in my information decision sciences class, I jokingly made the comment that I could disintermediate my teacher because all or near all information today is accessible to many.  This was a half truth.  The teacher shrugged it off and said, paraphrased, “It’s cool with me, I’ll just work on my research.”  I’m sure this […]

New Semester, New Rules

The first semester after the core has been especially hectic.  There are such a great deal of group projects.  I have projects on market research, brand management, info decision sciences, finance and another on the Obama campaign and how to leverage so called “new media.”  This along with work have added up to a lot […]

Off The Market: Dundee With Interviewing, Crocodile Style

I’d been meaning to write about interviewing and such for some time.  The problem is that I didn’t want to write about it publicly while still in the process.  There are some major problems with interviewing and the processes around it.  Every company wants you to be absolutely in love with them.  That’s an issue, […]

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