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The Difficulties

At any point in your life, you are going to face significant adversity. It’s apparent that the way you face those challenges is far more important than the challenges themselves. The economy is bad. Finding jobs is hard. My sister and her husband are laid off. My uncle was recently laid off along with half […]

I Love This Stuff

This is why I love marketing.  Did you hear about Starbuck’s not brewing decaf coffee after noon?  Silly, as most consumers are MORE likely to drink it later in the day. Well check out Caribou and their response.  Well played, in my opinion.  This is why marketing is so fun to me.  It really is […]

Fast Month = Slow Month

Being back in school with a part time job and preparing for a few interviews has really taken a lot of time.  Frankly, I’m exhausted this morning but wanted to get something down.  Yesterday was one of those days with a morning meeting, homework, class, info session over the lunch hour, class, class and another […]

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Parity (& The Hornets)

An opportunity arose through school to see the Minnesota Timberwolves play the Hornets came up this last Friday.  It was a great game and we won, which is hardly a foregone conclusion.  The Timberwolves are my all time favorite sports team (I’m a big basketball fan and a huge homer) so it was great to […]

Social Media Pundits

The problem with being a social media expert or whatever you want to call it, is that there really isn’t much of substance there.  Most people that will tell you they are specialist have no real clue how to apply there so called influence to an external business. Chances are they don’t know how to […]

Welcoming Barack Obama With Open Arms

It has been some time since our country has been in such dire straights.  High unemployment rates, two wars, an economy in very poor health and maybe most importantly a low opinion of the US internationally.  Our country is supposed to be a leader and stand for everything right about the world and the human […]

Brain Lock

The last few days of break have seen me trying to prepare for interviews and basically chilling out.  During that time, I’d assume my mind would be running amuck with thoughts on all kinds of topics, but not much has really been coming.  Which is incredibly odd given that while I’m working, there is a […]

Marketers On and Or Around The Interwebbery

Lately the idea of building an audience has been on my mind a lot.  Many people write on the internet with the sole intent to build a decent size audience (20-300k per month) and then start advertising on their site in order to do it for a living.  Other people merely want to be known […]

Some Things to Chew On

Here is a bevy of topics happening.  It’s late, so bare with me. There are a ton of bloggers I read but can’ t fully appreciate.  Reason being that they don’t write about an issue or idea in a way that gets me wanting to write about it too.  If something is well written, it […]

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

After asking my brilliant finance prof where an imbecile should go to learn about personal finance and strategy, he gave me five words:  Random Walk Down Wall Street.  Although I’ve read extremely small amount on finance and investment, this book covered such a huge amount of ground in such a logical way, I feel as though […]

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