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A Moveable Feast

I am back in Minneapolis and I can’t say how incredibly happy that makes me.  Alexandria is OK, but it’s not home anymore.  Additionally, occupying anything but your own space for an extended amount of time is precarious and stressful.  My car still isn’t fixed, it won’t hold idle, so it will be in line […]

Theory of Constraints as Applied to Organizations

Chances are that I’m not the first to think of this, but the biggest and most valuable idea to come out of our Operations class is the Theory of Constraints.  I’m wondering if the theory can be actively applied to organizations in order to increase their overall efficiency.  The theory states that an operations sect […]

Attention Mall Shoppers

It used to be that malls ruled.  A company would build a mall (small business incubator), businesses would rent the space and reap the benefits of high traffic for a multitude of stores in one area.  I just walked through the Viking Plaza Mall (did you know that Alexandria is the birth place of the […]

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday and it was a good film.  It’s an adaptation of a Fitzgerald short story from the Jazz Age.  I’ve not yet read it, but am behest not to after viewing the movie, which I assume was a libertied interpretation.  I’ll revisit this. What struck me most about […]

Stuck In Alexandria with the Writing Blues Again

I had wanted to take a quick three day break down to somewhere warm and get a little color.  Although I’m not sure I would have actually gone, the mere idea was erased from candidacy.  My car was running poorly after getting home to Alexandria and ended up in the ditch.  It’s now in the […]

Heading Home for A Few Days

Posts will be light. What else is new? Majestic Lake Ida and her crappie and walleye holdings are calling. Happy holidays everyone!

G1 After iPhone

The other night I got to see and use a G1 for the first time, it seemed pretty nice.  I was actually very much liking the full QWERTY.  Right now, I don’t blog as much as I want to and plan on doing so much more frequently when I get out of school again.  Having […]

Presentations Are Not Plays

Good news, I’m officially done with the most difficult aspect of the MBA experience.  The core is over.  I also began my new internship today, which is shaping up as an amazing experience in non profit marketing work.  Adding new skills and knowledge is always a good idea and there is a ridiculous amount to […]

Two Stock Investing Theories

I’m beginning a new book on personal finance recommended to me by my finance instructor.  He’s pretty darn good at that stuff, so I asked him for advice on where to get started on personal finance.  I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s well written (not stuffy like you might imagine financial writing to […]

Social ME-dia and Where It's Going

I don’t write as much about new technologies and the whole “Web 2.0” thing like I used to.  There are a few good reasons.  The first is that the terminology seems to have shifted from Web 2.0 to social media.  Terminology does mean something, but as of now the pulse of social media seems to […]

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