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New Gig and Whatnot

Good news, I got an internship from the University of Minnesota!  I’ll be handling the marketing for the Office for Business and Community Economic Development.  That is neat.  It’s funny, I spent the last three years working for a promotional company and now all of a sudden everything I’m doing marketing wise is for non […]

Effort and Inherent Talent

Inherent talent is pretty rare.  Most people have to work a long time at becoming good/great at something.  So when someone is a prodigy, society notices.  You can call it whatever you want, but it’s advanced evolution if anything at all.  Genius is much the same and although a genius by definition does not need […]

Tribes Book Review

I’m finally finishing up Tribes.  This is actually a pretty sad state of affairs given that this book would take an average reader all of three hours to finish soup to nuts.  Yet most of my time is spent trying to master my life long passion, managerial accounting. What I can say about this new […]

Random Thoughts

Seems like lately a jumble of thoughts is easier to get down in one sitting than individual posts: 1.  Technology is really ramping up and altering the way we do things.  The PE Obama weekly Youtube address is proof positive.  This simply unheard of ten years ago. [youtube=] If this continues, it could set a […]

Scientific Reasoning

I started writing this blog some time ago in hopes of codifying some of the tacit knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years.  It’s a pretty basic concept, get down everything you know about a topic and hopefully it helps some people out while making new connections in the community.  It’s worked to an extent, but […]

When It Reigns, It Poors: The Economy

There are some extremely big issues at hand today for people all over the world.  We see it in our back yards for once and it’s a little easier to understand.  For me, this is easily the worst state I’ve ever seen our economy and it holds some serious implications. First off, in terms of […]

Class Structuring

Big midterm tomorrow, but even bigger is that Friday we have to register for new classes in the Spring.  This has been very difficult for me.  The classes offered are diverse and all hold some value.  What’s more, I really enjoy education, so I want to take a huge alottment of courses.  I’m used to […]

For Those Who Don't Know

If you read this in Facebook, it’s actually an import from my real blog on Redmarketer.  I import it into Facebook because a lot of people wouldn’t read it otherwise.  The only problem is that I don’t necessarily want to bog down the ‘Book with a ton of posts, so if you want to stop […]

New Music Detail

I love Cheapo.  Their website could use some work, though.  It’s a fantastic place to look for and find music on the cheap (although often not as cheap as Amazon, but it offers a quicker fix).  A lot of people think I’m crazy for still buying music at all.  But it’s an addiction and something […]

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