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Diamond Walls

They speak about glass ceilings in corporate America in order to describe the propensity of companies to hold back females in the work place after a certain amount of promotion.  Well, as I was growing up, the term seemed to be mostly used in regard to females, though apparently it’s used for any detainment of […]

Existentialism and Human Emotions

For those who don’t know, I gets down with metaphysical philosophy.  During the scant few minutes I have in my free time, I usually read or write, often about the lives we live and the meanings thereof, both miniscule and massive.  My long term goals are to be able to study and write on philosophy […]

Professionalism vs. Output

There’s no doubt that this blog leans toward the latter.  I think it’s more important to simply write as much as possible when something strikes you worth mention.  The posts here aren’t polished, they aren’t thought out over the course of days, they are just quick ramblings on a topic that otherwise I might forget […]

Managing Hubris

One of my largest concerns moving forward is remaining humble and keeping in mind how little I actually know.  Going to school is already a great experience; my fellow students are incredibly intelligent and show great enthusiasm as well.  The companies that come in to present are filled with bright leaders and poised recruiters who […]

Traffic is Down, Much Like Posts

As was predicted earlier, posting is down.  Which has dramatically slowed traffic as well. This particular site isn’t reliant or in need of traffic (seeing as I don’t and won’t advertise…unless for a charity or to learn about how it works).  I’m a bit more worried about getting more thoughts down.  There are a lot […]

Corporate Reception and Indecision

Carlson hosted a corporate reception at the IDS Tower last night.  Quite a view from the 50th floor. One of the problems with speaking to all the recruiters and representatives from the companies you are considering for employment is that they all sound good.  Working within an environment saturated with intelligence, large scale projects, serious […]

The Answer Proceeds the Question

During marketing today, a class mate asked a question.  A great question in many respects. As follows paraphrased, “How can someone step outside their personal beliefs and still do their job regardless of the fact that it obviously goes against their philosophies?” To which I rephrase the question, “Are we responsible for our employment?  Are […]

Core Competencies

After taking the accounting mid term, I’m realizing that my core competency is not that.  In a world where we are frequently told to be our own brand, be our own business, it’s time to address your core competency as well as what your strategic vision for operations are. I don’t devalue any of the […]

Trying to Find the Time

Odd phrase, that.  Time is not something stumble upon and use as it is acquired.  Time is managed.  Sometimes poorly, sometimes with alacrity, sometimes at the last minute.  Which I’m now aware, only takes one minute. Quite literally, I’m exhausted some days after getting home.  Today was one, and that’s bad news considering that I […]

Why International Students Have a Leg Up

The market place is shrinking.  Or growing, depending on your perspective. Everything is consolidating, slowly but surely.  The borders and boundaries we have developed as humans in attempts to protect resources and gain power are slowly eroding, at least as a premise of commerce.  The global market place is a very important concept to consider […]

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