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Bloggers, Twitter and the Election

Watching CSPAN this morning a new media strategist was on to talk about reaction from both bloggers and Twitterers (PS find me at  A few things of note: 1.  CSPAN wasn’t doing this a couple years ago.  Good for them.  Recognizing new media is important for the old media to begin their transformation.  Broadcast […]

The Drain

It has already set in, that inescapable, undeterring force which saps ambition and alacrity in all things commandeered.  Part of it is the work load, part of it is that my first sixteen hours are fueled by a cup of coffee and a M&M Kudos, part of it is the mental strain that comes with […]

Everyone Loves Marketing

Out of all the classes, Marketing received the most enthusiastic discussion.  Many reasons for this, but the main reason is that we all live marketing every day of our lives.  We spend hours in environments that attempt to communicate and sway us all the time, regardless of who we are or what we do.  It […]

Metamorphasis, Changeling, Shapeshifter, etc.

It’s happening slowly, but happening none the less. I’m turning into a morning person. I say this from the Hinman Family Patio (outside the Starbuck’s Patio in Hanson Hall) at 8am. Certainly not that early, but usually I get up around 6am now, shower and bike or catch a bus into school. It wasn’t like […]

Xenophobia or Complacency? Something Else Altogether?

Carlson certainly advocates (and advertises) a well structured and integrated international populace of students. After a few conversations with a friend about the situational differences between international and domestic students, it seems to me that the advertising isn’t necessarily living up to the actual, through no fault of the school or students, in my opinion. […]

Uh Oh Spaghettios! Xcel Diatribe

Epic fail on procuring second loan. Looks like Xcel Energy gets the last laugh: Two years ago, I moved out of an apartment on 32nd and Blaisdell. I forgot to tell Xcel to stop charging me for electricity, which is completely my fault. I moved out and they continued to charge me for electricity, unbeknownst […]

Gphone Looms…

Via Digg: FCC approves first HTC Dream, AKA Gphone. This will be large. I’m intrigued, especially by an all advertising revenue model.   Edit:  Looks like $35 for unlimited data and 400 messages.  Good, good but what about wireless coverage?  Is that included? I want answers people.  We’ll see what comes.

Accounting, 15 Hour Days, Etc.

Pretty sure this will be the norm. Just got home and it was a fracking hot bike ride.  Minneapolis is lovely at night, though I could use some illuminations on my trusty steed for a safer go. Went in to school at 7am and got back about 10 minutes ago.  That’s roughly 15 hours.  We […]

Business Is Easy, Other Things Hard

Though I wrote a bit on this last week, it’s always reoccuring to me that I’d like to do much more than I actually have time for.  Staying on top of news, business, school, working out and maintaining a social life seem like too many pieces for one puzzle.  One or two have to go […]

Community Creations and Value

Yesterday was supposed to be a short day at school, my tribulations with the resume continued and there was an information session on our Thunderbird email system.  I love Mozilla, but Gmail still owns.  I’m going to run dual email accounts because of the file sharing ability of Thunderbird.  It’s basically a cloud computing Outlook […]

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