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Mahjongg and iPhone Apps

I’ve downloaded a few more applications for my iPhone: Mahjongg (Favorite by far) Labyrinth (Great time waster) Cube Runner (Cool flying game using motion sensor) The really cool part?  They were all free!  And they all downloaded to my phone through the 3G connection.  So now syncing was needed.  That’s pretty impressive. There is a […]

Bloggers & Consultants: Marketing

Scanning the RSS this morn and see that Hugh Macleod will potentially consult with Dell. His site evidently doesn’t have permalinks, so just scroll down to “Note to Dell.” Consulting on what? I don’t know, and either does he apparently. Why would Dell go to someone when they aren’t even sure of what they want? […]

Uh Oh.

It seems I’ve been breaking the not writing about marketing or business thing a lot.  Not sure what to make of that, but I’m pretty sure it is a result of working non stop on my company website and lounging.  An outlet perchance, persay, perhap? Once a long time ago I had a blog on […]


Most people have a level of accessibility.  They are guarded up to a certain point of intimacy and then become much more transparent about their actions and thought process. This is only to an extent.  We all keep some things to ourselves.  Well not everything. Many people have a very low threshold for disclosure, many […]

Hooooooooly Shit Balls!

UPDATE: Cool way to make it easier to use; just click and drag the bookmark for the Spreeder into your Firefox bookmark area.  Now just highlight any area of text and click that button so the window opens preloaded with the text.  Shnooogans. Oh man.  I’ve wanted to be a polymath for a while, and […]

Constructive Criticism

Still learning to handle this.  And I consider myself pretty good with criticism. Here’s the thing.  No one likes to be critiqued, even when we know we need it.  But we do need it.  Having someone point out your flaws is like getting arm hairs plucked out one by one.  It hurts and is only […]

Just Blaise! (Pascal) + Some Gambling Thoughts

Just completed Pascal’s Wager, a story about the prodigal Blaise Pascal and his many doings. First off, the book is a well written piece that navigates relatively easy in context to the historical information being described.  Historical information is often not that intriguing to many of us; there are certainly those amongst us who do […]

Amazon Addict.

“Hi Bob.” “Hello.  I guess I don’t know why I’m here.  It’s not like this is really a problem for me.  I’m in control, for the most part.  Yeah, sure sometimes I’ll go off the deep end and order ten books on existentialism within an hour, but it’s not as if that’s the case ALL […]

It's the Joker!

Another day with relatively high traffic, and looking over the stats, searches for “Why So Serious?” seem to be bringing people in. What I don’t understand is that when I do a manual search in Google of that term, I can’t even find my site.  It must be buried a loooooooong way down the tubes.  […]

Organic Hits

I had a solid spike in traffic yesterday. A whopping 69 hits! For those of you who don’t do much analytical work in the web space (count me as a hobbyist) that’s not much. In fact, it’s pretty minuscule in comparison to some blogs out there. And that’s part of the gravy train. But it […]

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