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Search: Game Over?

John Battelle wants to call the fight for search. Google wins. Well, in the short term he is absolutely right. No one will catch Google in terms of search currently. The problem is that companies should be built for the long term. Sears and Roebuck was number 1. They started out selling watches to a […]

Transitions Within Companies

I work for a relatively small company (and not for much longer). I’ll probably do some consulting work in terms of web site PPC ads, blogging and a few other things afterward, but it will be minimal. So, literally in a handful of days I’ll be gone. Near completely. And although I’ll always be happy […]


The sheer unadulterated joy of South Park: View all the episodes free. There is a lot up in the air with this sort of thing. Hulu is looking like it did things right by getting content and building an advertising system around it. That is just one person’s opinion, but it seems obvious to me […]

Last Official Day

Today was my last “official” day at my job. I’ll actually be coming in a few days in July to finish up designing a website, orchestrating a new catalog and a new product launch; but for the whole of it, my time at the first job after college is drawing to an end. I’m somewhat […]

100 Posts. Woot.

So after a glance at yee old dashboard. This post commemorates 100 posts. Looking over the last three months, it seems the amount of posts is going up slightly, this month will end with more than the first two. Not sure what that means, if anything. I recall when I was in kindergarten and the […]

Disposition and Dat Position

Ever more it strikes me the importance of being socially able. I know many, many people who are introverted. They are usually more than cool; but most people will never know. I was quite introverted at one point as well. At some point during college everything clicked. I realized how that sitting in my room […]

So Easy A Caveman Can Do It

Ah, those lovable losers, the cavemen. Last night while watching the History Channel (a SWEET documentary on Chinese naval construction and their historical prevalence) a commercial came on. Though it didn’t seem like a commercial at first. It was three minutes long, and starred the caveman from the Geico commercials; but it wasn’t a pure […]

Verifying Theory vs. Applicable Utility

A very smart friend of mine, Jesse Kluver (no online presence except Facebook) recently sent me an email with a very good argument about emotional intelligence. I know very well I’ve dealt with this topic copiously in the recent months, but it warrants the attention. Here’s my review of Daniel Goleman’s book. Since then, I’ve […]


Just finished Candide by Voltaire. This was a short and worth while read. (A quick aside: in the next two months, I see this blog being integrated HEAVILY with ideas on psychology, philosophy, sociology and a general musings as to my transition from work to vacation to school again. Marketing will still be addressed, but […]

Hindsight Bias

I’m starting to read a text book on Psychology. Text book reading is different than other kinds of reading; it’s difficult to describe, but you can skim a bit more and the chapters often offer reflection and previews for what to look for. I haven’t read a text book in over three years, but it’s […]

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